The Dept. is here

_MG_1946 We did it! Aahh, sweet validation. The Dept. of Public Works has successfully conquered the stairwell at Borders (ward). It feels good to be surrounded by such passionate individuals. I honestly think I have more fun seeing my friends/fellow Dept. members work than my own up there.


In the end, I truly believe this isn't about me or some pretty pictures. Its about inspiring one another to achieve what we normally couldn't on our own. For me, its about those people in the images up on that wall. I get to share how much their music means to me. And I get to share that with the world, seen through my eyes.


Its proof that even after all that I've been through these last few years, I can still stand up proudly with those who inspire me.


_MG_1976 meNthewall All shot with my trusty lil' Canon XT and my best friend, the 50mm/1.8. Which I didn't realize till I framed them all. Weird. Sometimes simplicity, shallow pockets and a great passion for your subject makes for better images.

Come down. I know most of you hang out in the photo section anyways and to get there, ya gotta walk up those stairs. I know you guys and gals won't be lazy and take the elevator.

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