Skate or Die


04.25.09- Last Saturday rocked! My bud, Katie invited me to go check out her team skate during the first Derby event of the season. I headed over the H-3 to the Kaneohe Marine Base excited as all hell to check out some friends tear it up on asphalt once again.


Derby 06Under the boiling mid-afternoon sun these women still put on their A game. The crowd was as hyped as usual, cheering on their favorite ladies take on an onslaught of rollin wheels and flying elbows. The OOOOHHHH's, WHOOAAAHHH's and OUUUCHH!!!'s from the sidelines entertained me as much as the screams from the sidelines of the girls themselves trying to motivate their teammates. I admit I had to completely stop what I was doin and recompose myself after when I heard one of the women from the Voluptuous Vixen's pit area scream out, "GIVE THEM PAIN!!!"