Transient Colors

Pacifica_022809_03 2.28.09 - Hometown heroes, Pacifica returned to Oahu with welcoming arms and their own particular brand of atmospheric pseudo-rock last weekend. The venues were filled with friends, family and fans (new and old) for a rare musical event. Frontman, Kika Diama's vocals soared over their audience with commanding authority as if to say "No, we haven't forgotten about you."


The band's flawless renditions of crowd favorites from their EP Transient Colors were nothing less than Epic, showing this island that there are still musicians out there who aren't afraid to push the limits and destroy stereotypes of what music is supposed to sound like.


Kickin' the Jams


02.04.09 - The Presidents of the USA still got it. Kickin' the Jams and makin ya smile. One really nice dude in the front working security and promoters for once who were greatful for the fact that the 808 Scene Zine was there to cover the show. Everyone in attendance was ridiculously happy and the stage was extremely well lit.

We were allowed to wander around pretty much whatever we wanted for the entire show. I sat in front of the barricade in the photo pit for almost the whole concert with my trusty Press Pass. I felt like a rock star. I couldn't help but laugh my head off and smile a bit. Hearing them rock their hits "Peaches" and "Lump" sent me spiraling through memories of high school. I'm sure everyone in attendance felt the same.