The radar... it appears to be... jammed.


12.30.09 I got a chance to check out "the Man of 10000 Sound Effects" Michael Winslow at Pipeline Cafe. Well known from his Police Academy fame and those epic 2 minutes in Spaceballs, he had me laughing so hard I had trouble aiming my camera. That says a lot.

The night started with my bud, Jason Tom tearing up the stage with his beatbox skills getting the audience primed and ready for the insanity ahead.


If you could see the look on the audience's faces when Winslow took the reigns you'd see that people were being transported back to simpler days of comedy. How old were you when you first saw officer Larvelle Jones fight the bad guys or telling Dark Helmet that the radar had the bleeps, the sweeps and the creeps. Yeah people of all ages at Pipeline Cafe were as giddy as school children the whole night. And I was witnessing a vocal god.


I honestly didn't know what to expect, perhaps some cool sound effects and relived memories. Michael Winslow's comedy act was top notch. He hasn't gotten slow with age and honestly I'd probably be a bit frightened if I ran into him at a mall, After his hilarious display of how he used to"scare crackheads by making clothes talk, or messing with Home Depot employees by making tools sound like they're on when their unplugged" I would not like to ring up this man's items at a grocery store.


Utterly awesome. He did some unique impressions too, pulling off not just Robert Plant screaming those high notes but also Jimmy Page's guitar, just before performing a scene in Star Wars entirely on his own! He ended the night by pulling off an impeccable impression of Louis Armstrong singing "Its a Wonderful World" complete with his alter ego "Kenny G on saxaphone!"


I was stoked to be able to chat with him a bit and take some photos with some friends. He even signed a photo of him in all his Spaceballs glory for me. (thanks Kamuela!)


Auditory Juggernauts Pt. V


11.12.09Disaster Kit has grown-up quite a bit since the last time I've seen them. Luckily not too much. Their playful antics onstage and ridiculous knowledge of music theory make them a crowd favorite all the while carving their names in stone as one of the island's most unique bands.

D-Kit (as their also known) has never been short of musical elements, or instruments, to add to their crazy fusion of rock, jazz & ska. With just about every member switching to multiple instruments mid-song, you would think it would just be an insane mess of notes. Over the last couple of months they have really widdled down their sound to a well-tuned machine causing an audience frenzy everywhere they play.


Auditory Juggernauts Pt. IV


11.12.09 There's something to be said about a band who's genuinely serious about their music. Phoenix Rose takes it to a whole new level. Their goal seems straight forward. Promote heavy music and destroy anyone else who tries to get in their way.

With bludgeoning metalcore riffs Phoenix Rose continually pushes the boundaries, with their live show, a veritable time bomb waiting to explode.

By this time of the night I was starting to get comfortable with the lighting in the venue and a bit more daring in my spots to shoot from. These guys are always fun to watch. Just remember to do some pre-show stretching before you get there.


Auditory Juggernauts Pt. III


11.12.09Technical Difficulty hit the stage proving that 3 guys can have just as much fun inducing neck pain in their audience as any 4 piece. I'm always stoked when a band isn't afraid to educate the public with their favorites while injecting their own personality into them. Going from Tool to Rage Against the Machine, they had the audience screaming along with fists pumping to their favorite rock hits as well as a few of their own.


Chasing the White Rabbit


08.08.09 I got a chance to catch the legendary Darby Slick tear it up with his double-necked guitar again. This time at Pipeline Cafe backed by the always entertaining Friends of Adam.


Sadly their wasn't much of a crowd to witness this man in action. But those who were there got a rare chance to catch one of the most exciting superhero team ups ever. Darby Slick even did HIS rendition of "Somebody To Love" and even gave us some back history of the song with his previous band The Great Society and after that he did his own psychedelic "White Rabbit" with the local blues legends.