Once upon a Halloween


Halloween, decided to strategically plan my voyage this time. Left work a lil' early then parked at Kaiser Bowls. Took the skateboard to Downtown to look at all the freaks that were out and about. Was freakin weird. Giant crayons walkin around with pokemon, 2 older folks with butts the size of yoga exercise balls dancing there heads off. Good times.

Had a chance to see this really interesting band, Art is... & the family band I think they were called. I guess this is the same guy who does those big ol' eagle flag paintings. But it was cool. So much love screamin outta one family, made me smile a bit.

Wanted to stay but promised a friend I'd go check him out in Waikiki playin with Crucible. So I skated back to my car, well, tried to than gave up and took the bus, but there was so much damn traffic goin' into Waikiki I pretty much gave up that idea. Riding the bus with the Joker, a giant baby, the Harlem globetrotters, an escaped convict, a samurai and Sweeney Todd and his twin brother was getting a lil' weird and not to mention louder than hell, so I got off and skated back to my car instead.

Went to Cirque Hawaii (the old IMAX theatre) to catch Crucible and Killswitch... uh I mean Phoenix Rose. Got there and to my surprise it turns out to be a Halloween Dance party in the main area, random skanks, drunken tourists and slutty nurses galore. And moved my way to the main stage where the opening band Technical Difficulties were doin some pretty good covers. You could tell they weren't quite used to the whole stage presence thing yet, but they did a good job. The sound was pretty awesome in there. I couldn't stand the fact that it was IMAX seating though. And you had to you know... sit. So I ran up to the front in this 5'x5' lil' standing area were the staircase was connecting to the theater and stood there and took pictures. Crucible did there thing as they always do, came out heavy, Had sound problems galore. Matt did what he could and rocked it as only he can.