Rock Authority

FOA_Slick_071909_05 07.19.09 You ever have the feeling that you're in the presence of someone not of this world. You feel as if you're about to witness something so incredible that the greatest pain is not having every single person you know with you to share it with; and those same people are going to all have to sit through a 2 hour phone call just so you can try to accurately describe how awesome it was?



I thought it was going to be just another epic night with my blues buds, Friends of Adam, as they always are. But as expected they always have a lil' something that'll drop your jaw to the floor.

This time they were the opening band. If the F.O.A. is gonna open for someone, than good god, who's comin after? This time it was the Darby Slick band. If you've never heard of him I guarantee you've heard the songs he's written. The one he's most famous for is Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love." You know the one. This man's unquestioned rock authority needs no explanation, if you ever get a chance to see him play, you won't doubt it either.



He went nuts, straight up psychedelic rock straight from the days of bell bottoms and tie dye t-shirts. And to see him in all places, Hawaiian Brians. There he was jamming with his double-necked fretless guitar, tearing it up like no one I've ever seen! He invited the F.O.A. towards the end of the night for one last jam session. At that point Darby Slick stood up, started going crazy with his guitar, pounding out note after note flawlessly, and rose to the mic and yelled "That's how we did it in the 60's!"

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We Gonna Rock all Night Long!

BigDawg_042409_01_borders 04.24.09- God I miss good ol' fashioned rock shows. I love it when I show up to a show and I'm the youngest one at the entire venue. Its even more awesome when I have friends on the stage who specifically asked me to take photos. It was an absolutely epic night that shook the island like I haven't seen in a long time. Bands that usually never stray far from their usual bar atmosphere finally took the stage at Pipeline cafe.


The house was filled with old school rockers with tight leather pants and long hair. I felt at home. I smiled a bit knowing that their dream hasn't died with age. They were still up there rockin like they probably did back in the day. And Brett killed it as he does with his hard hitting band Big Dawg. The "not as evil" stepchild of the metal band Black Prizm.

A few of them surprised the hell out of me. Velvet Mantis covered Robin Trower!!! I think I was the only one besides the band who knew what they were playin. I couldn't stop screaming, well occasionally to take a few pictures but thats about it.


I wasn't expecting a Journey cover band. Honestly. But they were bad ass!!! That dude hit every note. And the band was amazing.



BariBari13_042409_02 Lucky13_042409_02_borders

Along for the ride were the band, Lucky 13, the always amazing Friends of Adam, and the hilariously high energy, Bari Bari 13. I was absolutely pooped by the end of the night. The show went from 8pm till 3am. Did you read that? 3AM! And I stayed awake the whole time. Bari Bari 13 definitely knows how to wake a guy up.