Auditory Juggernauts Pt. V


11.12.09Disaster Kit has grown-up quite a bit since the last time I've seen them. Luckily not too much. Their playful antics onstage and ridiculous knowledge of music theory make them a crowd favorite all the while carving their names in stone as one of the island's most unique bands.

D-Kit (as their also known) has never been short of musical elements, or instruments, to add to their crazy fusion of rock, jazz & ska. With just about every member switching to multiple instruments mid-song, you would think it would just be an insane mess of notes. Over the last couple of months they have really widdled down their sound to a well-tuned machine causing an audience frenzy everywhere they play.


Auditory Juggernauts Pt. IV


11.12.09 There's something to be said about a band who's genuinely serious about their music. Phoenix Rose takes it to a whole new level. Their goal seems straight forward. Promote heavy music and destroy anyone else who tries to get in their way.

With bludgeoning metalcore riffs Phoenix Rose continually pushes the boundaries, with their live show, a veritable time bomb waiting to explode.

By this time of the night I was starting to get comfortable with the lighting in the venue and a bit more daring in my spots to shoot from. These guys are always fun to watch. Just remember to do some pre-show stretching before you get there.


Auditory Juggernauts Pt. III


11.12.09Technical Difficulty hit the stage proving that 3 guys can have just as much fun inducing neck pain in their audience as any 4 piece. I'm always stoked when a band isn't afraid to educate the public with their favorites while injecting their own personality into them. Going from Tool to Rage Against the Machine, they had the audience screaming along with fists pumping to their favorite rock hits as well as a few of their own.