Motley Üke, Shredding 4-string


Arriving in the darkness of Anna’s O’ Briens, one of Honolulu’s longest standing venues, everyone’s favorite (and often overlooked) ukulele rock band, Motley Üke were already shredding 4-string in the key of Sabbath when I walked in with camera a’ blazin. Playing to only a few patrons & bar staff in this horribly lit venue, it looked like they could seriously care less.

In their trademark Aloha shirts, Jeff Clark and his band of rock misfits are a welcome anomaly to an aging Hawaii rock scene plagued by an often bland array of 80’s rock throwbacks. Motley Üke has become a statement unto themselves becoming caricatures of Hawaiiana that are a reflection of a culture that has been continuously forced to adapt & assimilate in order to survive. And that song about the *ahem* historical origins of Koko Crater… it’s about damn time someone put that in a rock song.