Aphesis Portrait Shoot

Metalfest 2015 was upon us and I was commissioned by one of Hawai'i's, hardest working death metal bands, Aphesis to put together some band portraits together for their inevitable launch into the stratosphere. With the members of Aphesis split between two separate islands in Hawai'i, it's rare to get them all in the same place at the same time. It was still daylight when Hawai'i's Metalfest began to get underway. With somewhere near 25 bands playing in a span of 5 hours, we would need to get these shots done quick & close to the venue before their set that night.

I went scouting for a nice location around the gritty backstreets that surrounded the venue. But with daylight blasting from above, my only hope was to keep it indoors or at least covered to keep the band from cooking in their black shirts.

With sweat notwithstanding, I made my way back in to the large labyrinthian parking structure that housed Hawaiian Brian's and found a gritty, secluded area that still let in light from the left but was well away from the actual entrance keeping it private. The shoot was fast and dirty with a single reflector and a good half hour of playtime. Trial by fire.

I've shot more live music over the span of the last decade than I can remember but am still fairly new to the portrait game, so overall this was a great learning experience. Aphesis was great to work with and I'm anxiously awaiting the release of their upcoming album to blow down the doors of the grass huts that the world apparently still thinks we all live in, here in Hawai'i.