Chris Duarte: Strat magik

I'll never get a chance to experience Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn live aside from old recordings and albums from the past, but last night I got to witness the living embodiment of a guitar god made flesh.

Blasting through a two hour whirlwind set while promoting his new album, Lucky 13 at Hawaiian Brians, the legendary Chris Duarte Group did not disappoint. Chris Duarte's manic style of playing made me wonder if his guitar was fighting to tear itself out of his hands the whole night. Charging through an impressive setlist hailing to the guitar greats of yore, Duarte tore through every note like it would be his last and my ears are still ringing.


Opening the night was my own local guitar hero / photographer extraordinaire, Jamm Aquino & his newest collab, The Blue Genes playing alongside another long time blues buddy, Ernie Ecraela. Their superhero team up was particularly special this night, knowing that their musical heroes were just offstage watching their every move. Jeff Peterson & his amazing acoustic guitar work jumped on after, mellowing things out just enough, but not too much. The amount of sound he got out of that chunk of wood was something to behold while winding up everyone with anticipation of the coming storm that lay ahead.  Here's to everyone involved in creating such an epic night. Especially Dr. John for orchestrating & putting this whole thing together.