Shredd Papaya at Madre Chocolate


Hot chocolate and a local band called Shredd Papaya covering everything from Maiden to The Stooges. Hell yes.

After wandering the streets of another First Friday in Downtown I was invited to a fun event at the shop of local chocolatiers, Madre Chocolate.

With cofounder Nat Bletter on lead guitar, you know Shredd Papaya are a band just having a blast jamming whatever the heck they wanted for their friends and family in Madre Chocolate's backroom. I'm pretty sure I was the only one in the audience who actually knew the lyrics to both The Trooper & I Wanna Be Your Dog.

With a "Yup, you're gonna stand there and enjoy this" attitude, it was a formal education in rock history for the kids (yes, kids) in the audience. I swear one of them actually screamed out "Play the Trooper!" Now that's how you raise your children.