As Blood Runs Black at Hawaiian Brians


There have been a lot of big names in heavy metal showing up on our shores these days. Many I've never heard of and probably would have missed if I didn't catch a glimpse of their logo on a flyer taped to a window while waiting for my chicken katsu at L&L. Yet they always surprise me, that is if I remember to write the date on my calendar when I wake from the inevitable food coma.

Coming from the next era of Deathcore bands hailing from America, Blood Runs Black decimated Hawaiian Brian's envoking a whirlwind of bodies and clenched fists which made me grasp on to my camera just a wee bit tighter.

Fighting for your spot up front also has it's cost. On one hand you can get so close to the band that the heat resonating from the crowd up front actually fogs up your lens and once you're there, you're pretty much stuck. But on the other, it's possible to get face-to-face time with whoever's playing no matter how popular they are out in the world. You just gotta be prepared to get a foot to the head from whomever decides to jump off the stage and directly on top of you.