Reverie, an Evolution in Local Heavy Metal

Reverie @ Dying Fetus

There aren't many local metal bands born & bred here in Hawaii that truly excite me. Sadly, a lot of them fizzle and die with only a few shows under their belt leaving a legion of potential followers with nothing to cling on to. Just memories and questions of "whatever happened to {insert band name here}?"

Then there are others that evolve into a whole other creature like some mad metal science experiment. After a few line-up changes and some polishing of some rough edges, progressive metal band Reverie is armed and ready to tear this island a new one.

Shaggy & Reverie

As a photographer, trying to focus on the blurry hands of this band's mastermind, Shaggy, as they fly up and down the neck of his guitar, is downright impossible. With the band's relentless energy & riffs that could destroy a small city, Reverie is not a band to be taken lightly. And they have a song called Dialectic Obfuscation for god's sake, what does that even mean besides "your neck is gonna hurt by the end of this."

Having opened for world renowned metal acts, Impending Doom & Dying Fetus, as well as Blood Runs Black happening next month, it's anyone's guess what's next in Reverie's evolution, just know that I'll be upfront & center to witness it.


Just as a sidenote, it's rare that my girlfriend and I both agree that a local metal band is worth our attention. So I gotta mention that she likes this band so darn much that she even redesigned their logo. And that, my friends is a really BIG deal.

Reverie Logo
Reverie Logo