Decipher Script and the next wave to hit Hawaii

Decipher Script

The massive gauntlet of metal spikes inches from my face on the forearms of their intimidating frontman, made Decipher Script one of those metal bands that I won't soon forget.

They tore up Hawaiian Brian's, opening for international metal act Dying Fetus and this photographer glued himself front & center. For the first time in years, the opening bands were a hell of a lot more memorable than the band headlining the night.

Decipher Script 3

Flashback 10yrs. ago in January at King's Crab in Waikiki. Thanks to promoter's like Sick Nick, local heavy metal shows were happening weekly, the level of musicianship was top-notch and this metalhead was a happy camper. I wandered into a small bar one night to witness one of the most brutal bands I've never heard of. They were announced as Obliterator. Now defuct, I recognized some of their past members in Decipher Script as well as a few others who I know I've seen in the past, but sadly can't recall the names of their former bands as there is no recorded history of any of these that I know of. (these were the America Online dial-up days, people) So seeing Decipher Script was a big deal to me.

Decipher Script 2

Here's an interesting story that I'll never forget. Their lead singer saw your humble metalhead driving down the highway a few months ago, he caught sight of the heavy metal stickers on the back of my car and the crazy-haired photographer behind the wheel. He actually speeds up to me, turns up the volume on his stereo to make sure I hear it, rolls down his window and while we're both driving at full speed, chucks a CD of his former black metal band, Mortem Dei through my passenger window. He puts the metal horns in the air, speeds off & gains a new fan for life.


It's deeds like this that truly define the significance & brotherhood of heavy metal that's rooted here in Hawaii. On a sidetone, I saw more than one high five and a show of metal horns at the show when audience as well as bands recognized each other's heavy metal shirts.

The swell is gaining in moment and as long as there are bands like Decipher Script still pushing the bar in skill & stage presence with their aggresively brutal music, this incredible metal band could soon become the long-awaited tidal wave ready to engulf these islands and perhaps, even the world.

Decipher Script

Keep your eyes glued open for another post about an equally talented metal band from Hawaii called Reverie coming soon.