The Melvins Lite: 51 Shows in 51 Days


Yes, this actually happened. These photos have been sitting alone gathering dust in my computer for way too long. A stripped down version of The Melvins, dubbed "The Melvins Lite" ended their record breaking 51 Shows in 51 Days Tour here at The Manifest on Oahu. I've never witnessed an entire venue frozen as if they were staring at the face of god before.

If you've never heard The Melvins before I guarantee you've heard at least one of the hundreds of bands that have been influenced by them over their three decade career. Nirvana anyone?


The night started with local openers Beaman. Not sure what the heck you'd call what they were playin, indie rock? Well either way I was surprised as heck to see my bud, Adam sitting behind the drumkit.