David Choi @ Hard Rock Waikiki


05.08.11 After googling this dude's name you might be wondering what the heck I was doing there. The Honolulu Weekly described David Choi as an "Asian Emo" YouTube sensation. I'm just going put it out there and say, yes, my girlfriend asked me to go & even bought me a ticket.

The audience consisted of tiny Asian girls and well... their boyfriends who seemed to be brought there at gunpoint. Not all of them mind you, the rest of the guys in the audience were just as tiny, Asian & giddy as their female counterparts. Figured that I had my camera attached to my 30mm so I might as well shoot around a bit. Oddly enough I just kinda walked right up past the crowd and sat, stage right. Figured security or something would stop me but guess not. No one seemed to care despite this guys popularity.


He played some ridiculously lovey duby songs about relationships and most obviously, heartache. Gotta admit, he was darn catchy despite the fact that he followed the pop/acoustic formula to the tee. Back in photoland, those horrendous red lights wreaked havoc on my sensor & the inability to zoom was killing me. I was afraid to move any closer with fear of being angrily trampled on by lil' Asian kids.


Overall, not a bad show, didn't like the set up at the new Hard Rock in Waikiki. It's a bit awkward to have a show happening while tourists are eating dinner. I had trouble standing anywhere without feeling kind of bad blocking some lil' fan so I spent the end of the show standing in the back hanging with my bud & songwriter, Kamuela Kahoano. In the end, the fans were happy, my girlfriend & her friend were giddy as heck taking photos with the dude & I got to meet David's friend/photographer. I'm not about to buy his albums anytime soon but I give the guy props, he had the lil' girlies screaming & probably got most of his male audience running home to practice their guitars because of it.