To Awaken the mosh...


04.07.11 In the beginning I started this blog in hopes to help promote underground music I witness here in Hawaii. I kept finding myself at a lot of random shows & events these last 10 years, alone & up front sometimes being the only one actually paying attention to the band. I never went to shows or concerts to get drunk (29yrs in this world explaining why not) or to "socialize." I went because the music was calling me.

I always went alone & met like-minded folks there. The feeling of being that close to the sound was my high. I would show the artists how much it meant to me by standing up front, throwing fists in the air and downright hurting myself, letting the waves of sound roll through me. I got tired of having to explain how ridiculously epic some of these experiences were on the phone to friends who never dug the live show.


So I started writing. Those who know me, know I talk A LOT. After surviving a major car wreck up on Tantalus, I was unable to do any real physical activity without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn't stand up front or even bang my head for over 6 months. My sister gave me her old RebelXT & a 50mm and I started shooting & posting the photos here. Awaken The Mosh was the name I chose. I am the pit. Hell, Chuck Billy (Testament) pointed at me during one of his songs & told me so from the stage. Every time I would go out to a show I would see the audience just standing there disinterested. I put myself in the bands shoes & imagined how much that's gotta suck, to not know if anyone cares that you're playing your heart out.


I would look around & see faces that just seemed afraid. They would be enjoying the music but I could tell what they were thinking by their body language. These people needed someone "to go first " to break the ice if you will, in order to let their emotions take control. Was it self-consciousness or just fear? Maybe both? So I was that guy. The first one headbanging even if it was a reggae show. They would point, stare, sometimes even laugh. It didn't matter, it really shouldn't. This is what the music is doing to me. After all, isn't music just auditory emotion, a way to translate feelings / words / stories into pure sound & a way for all of us to understand each other a bit better? I became the catalyst. After you light the spark the engines start rollin. To Awaken The Mosh.


So I started this site. Then I thought I'd use it to possibly help promote others by promoting myself, my design work, my photography & my words. I began writing about music, bands I knew as well as photographing bands who were friends. I lost momentum when I realized that I wasn't going out (or enjoying it) as much as before and I stopped writing for a long time. From here on out I'm gonna try to be more consistent in my writing. I want to share the music that I love. I want to share images I've taken with an emphasis on composition & design. Topics on design / inspiration & experiences in being a metalhead through and through in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.