Hawaiian Express' 16th Anniversary


03.26.11 I headed out to Hawaiian Express' 16th Anniversary Party in Kailua to bow before the awesomeness that is the Miller Clan & all the crazy punk bands that they've helped over the years. A few photos of 13th Legion, Saggy Teri & The Meat Curtains, Cronseedz, and MistermeaneR after this.

Jason Miller has been throwing punk shows & releasing punk/rock compilation albums since before forever. Well, longer than I've been of age to get into shows anyhow. His online music calendar, 808shows.com, has been on my bookmark toolbar since I first learned how to turn on a computer. His equally incredibly talented wife, Marina has also been a household name (& inspiration) in the local music scene for just as long. She has been responsible for some of the most epic & immortalizing music photography I have ever seen. Marina has brought her insane photographic skillset to shooting weddings with that same punk rock attitude.


I've never been to a show at Kailua's Boardriders Bar & Grill before. The Kailua music scene is vastly different than Town/Chinatown or anywhere else I've been. Although the old punk guard was there like a small army ready to burn down a small village, as all bar shows go, crowd interaction was lil' to none when the music started. A few old school, punk rock heads were standing up front, shoving each other around while the first few bands screamed their vocal chords into submission. Marina was manning the door with her awesome "Shakabooth," letting the audience take photos of themselves throughout the night.


Big Island favorites, Old Habits Die Hard, didn't make it out to the show which I was truly bummed about. I even wore my Sepultura shirt expecting to hear their cover of "Refuse/Resist" before the night ended. The other bands did their best to get the crowd moving, singing & playing their hearts out as they always have. Breaking strings & personally not-giving-a-crap if they missed a beat/chord change didn't matter much since the bands were giving it their all. Why they decided to turn off the lights on the stage throughout the entire show still got me scratching my head.


With former members of Extra Stout & Tapped combining like Voltron to form the highly anticipated 13th Legion, fans slowly leaked onto the floor front-and-center. It's not very often I'm completely terrified of a frontman, but Mike Muuse (I hope that's right, correct me if not) scared me. He stalked the dance floor like a wild animal grabbing fans by the shirt & throwing them into the pit, while still holding down his vocals. I was so damn intimidated by that band that I felt that I had no choice but to jump in the pit & join in the insanity.

At that point I gave Marina Miller my camera to hold on to, (which she no doubt took amazing photos with) That had to be one of the most epic performances I've been a part of in a long time. I guess running around screaming over a loud-as-all-hell, angry punk band wasn't a smart idea since I was already coming down with something before the show. By the time the music ended, I left tired, sweaty, & hacking up weird things, yet feeling complete (and also schooled by Marina in the art of photography) ready to make the trek home.