Metalfest 2010, pt.V


04.17.10 It was time for our hosts for the night, Corrupt Absolute to strut their stuff. They've been around for a looong time. Well at least Jack, frontman of the band, has. I've seen him back with his old band, Machine play the Warped tour back in 98' (99?) , then with the precursor to CA, 8mm Overdose over the years.


Overall Jack's sound and songwriting (and hair length), despite the years, seems to be pretty consistent, nothing overwhelmingly spectacular about their riffing but he does get the crowd going. It was nice to see some of the old guard banging their heads up front along with Jack's daughter who seemed to be having a blast watching her dad do his thing.

I was a bit surprised that it took so long for the crowd to really get into it. I guess we're all way too familiar with their setlist to be surprised anymore. Or maybe if you've seen them play for as long as I have it probably means you're not in any shape to be headbanging like you're still 18 anyways.

Overall they did a pretty good job working the audience. At one point bass player, Rob Graves walked out into the pit (albeit miniscule at the time) with his instrument to show that, yes, he's still down there as one of us. 

With a steady set of consistent power chords and crunchy vocals, Corrupt Absolute was exactly what we expected, no frills just straight up fist pumping, horn raising action. For a band that has been so consistently promoting themselves over the years, I was hoping to hear something that would surprise me or perhaps a couple of new songs added to their arsenal. No such luck. Or is it that their songs become such a blur that I can't tell anymore? There's a chance. Overall, I dug their set. And it was nice to not be the village elder at the local metal show for once.