Metalfest 2010, pt.IV


Just as my neck started to slowly heal from the insanity I just witnessed from during Before Fire's set, I was told to stay up front and start stretchin for the next band of the night. I was also informed that "the crazy Iron Maiden shirt guy who kinda looks like me 10yrs ago" was in this next band. Enter the

Seeing that I spent most of Metalfest getting bitchslapped by the headbanging guitarist's hair (which is eerily similiar to mine, like I traveled in time and was standing behind myself headbanging) and have seen this same guy in every pit (in that same shirt) whenever there was a decent metal band on stage, I thought I'd give them a more serious listen.

This crazy thrash outfit who looks barely old enough to be let into most venues laid waste to the stage at 4play. With hair flyin all over the place and riffs aplenty, not a word need be spoken to prove their point. The kids seem to love um' and who can hate a band that wears their influences so proudly on their sleeves. Not quite sure what was up with the frontman's high tops, but image aside, they indeed killed and with it, they definitely gave their young audience a thorough education in thrash.