Metalfest 2010, pt.III


It's nice to know that there's at least one band, born & bred on this island that can get my brain to actually convince my body to hurt itself. Before Fire takes the stage at Metalfest.

It took some time but finally the moment hath finally arrived. The metal bands were about to usurp power on the stage at 4Play. The anticipation was building around the coming of the local metal band, Amarnha. With one of my closest and last remaining friends from the previous incarnation of the local metal scene on drums, we were all very curious to see them in action with whomever was fronting the band. But sadly, due to some unforeseen circumstances our fire of anticipation was quickly put out when it was announced that they were not able to play.

But all was not lost, that meant Before Fire's set was going to be pushed forward and there would be plenty of neck trauma to go around. They did not disappoint. From what I've seen in the past, musicianship has never been a problem with this band. Its the way their raucous brand of death metal translates in different venues that's the problem. Sometimes due to a lack of volume in guitar or bass, their whole set can suffer. This was not the case at 4Play. The guys from Corrupt Absolute had the sound in that place nailed down, which resulted in one of the most epic sets I've ever witnessed from the death metal quintet.


Before Fire plays loud and angry. Yes, the kind of angry that'll send you home with a headache and make you hunt for that Dave Matthews album (you know you own) just to counteract all the evil that might still be in your head when you leave. Okay, that's enough Before Fire congratulatory high fiving. Back to the show.


They played a killer set of crowd favorites and even threw in a couple of covers from Lamb of God & Black Dahlia Murder that would be familiar to their younger audience. Lowell, frontman of the band does a fantastic job engaging the audience with his epic "invisible orange" stances & angry metal faces. Its a necessity which more than makes up for the rest of Before Fire's lack of movement and enthusiasm on stage. Their new guitarist is starting to gain confidence, slowly getting more comfortable with his new metal digs while working the audience. As for the rest of the band, musical competency aside, if you don't look like you're even into your own songs, no one else will be.

Death metal is not for the faint of heart nor the shy, its a release of energy that has the power to get its fans to run headfirst into a brick wall (I've seen it). You just gotta push the ON button and show the audience what it does to you first. It was a solid show and if they play their cards right, Before Fire could possibly propel the standard for local metal to a whole new level. The rest of the band just needs to follow Lowell's lead and physically show how much they love this music.