Metalfest 2010, pt. II


8pm was approaching and it was time for things to get a bit heavier. After doing some neck stretching, the bands I came to see were about to take the stage. Well, there was one more act I wasn't too excited for but I thought I'd give um' a chance.

All Heart, a local fav, hit the stage with their hardcore breakdowns, summoning up their young audience's inner ninja. With arms flying, legs kickin in every direction, I stayed the hell away from the "pit." I guess this is the new guard at shows. I don't know if I'm just getting old and don't understand what the heck these kids do for fun nowadays, but the spastic breakdowns and flailing limbs of modern hardcore audiences drive me nuts. Something about being kicked in the back of head when I'm aiming my camera just doesn't quite do it for me.


So back to the band, interesting to say the least. Again, seen them before, knew exactly what to expect, the predictable vocal pattern of scream, sing, scream. I knew I wouldn't get anywhere near the stage when the inevitable single note breakdowns started. Huge thanks to the guys at the Emmure merch table who kindly let me stand behind their small wooden table to spare me the onslaught of flying limbs.


Overall the band was alright. They had energy and some catchy hooks, but that singing, kinda made me scratch my head and push the earplugs in a bit deeper. Most of these newer "modern" hardcore bands on the island have a similar take on the genre. Nothing incredibly original, but its always the singers that stop me from really getting into it. Well, second to their audience who don't think twice about landing a roundhouse kick directly into the temple of their fellow fan.

When I saw one of these hardcore guys swing a fist right to the side of the head of a young girl standing in the audience during a song while her boyfriend just stood there and of all things patted the guy in the back, I had to shake my head in disapproval.  I don't get it. If anything its entertaining to watch. I guess every generation has their form of release with their given genre, but this one just detracts me from even caring who's on stage.