Metalfest 2010, pt. I


04.17.10 Last weekend Underworld Events threw their annual Metalfest. A noble attempt at uniting the local metal scene here in the islands. There's metal in Hawaii, you're asking? Yes, yes there is. I've seen bands come and go for the last 10 years. The consistant ringing in my ears and pain in my lower back are a testament to it.

This year Metalfest was held at a new, less urine-reeked venue called 4play in Aiea as opposed to the previous spot at Anna Bananas, which felt like a smouldering toilet at times. With a single stage instead of the usual 3, local music acts (not all metal) tore it up starting at 2pm for full day of face-melting, headbanging & horn-raising.

I got there a bit late. Don't think I would of survived being locked in that place for that long. I've seen most of the earlier bands before and most of them haven't impressed me enough to get me to show up that early. Bummed I missed Corpus Black though. They've got potential.


So I showed up fashionably late and got there just in time to catch local punk legends, 86 list. I know, not metal. BUT, they do have the mindset & the energy. When you can get the whole audience to toss middle fingers in the air and scream "F@CK THE POLICE!" You've earned my respect. They were probably the only truly seasoned musicians out of the whole festival. I've been watching these guys forever. Since the old punk days of yore when Josh86 used to throw those small punk shows by the airport with bands like Until September.


86 List tore it up. They got the audience (and myself) to dance around in circles completely entranced. Besides, "genre" is just a label. Hell, if the music move you, why fight it? And did I mention Otto makes a mean cheesecake! Go check out his shop on Smith St. in Chinatown.