Hard Rock Cafe Battle: pt.III


04.16.10 Enter the Hard Rock finale. Friends of Adam VS Phoenix Rose. Both bands have a pretty strong local fan base here. Both have quite a degree of quality musicianship, stage presence & an image to go along with it.

I got there late again. No parking in site. I hiked it from McCully and sprinted across the street to get there in time. I made it with just enough time to catch Friends of Adam's last song of the night. I was pissed. But on the bright side, I was able to give out a "WOOO!" and a "YAY, ERNIE!" to show my support. The bassist gotta have his day in the sun too.


Next up Phoenix Rose. Again, I've seen them a bunch of times. I know their set in and out. The only variable is of course, which song will inevitably get them to rip off their shirts as they've done every time I've seen them play. They've got some energy behind their metalcore sound. And I admit, they do bring an audience. I have to give um' props for doing quite a bit to support the local heavy music scene with Nemesis Productions (with 2/3rds of its creators in the band).

Isaac (frontman of Phoenix Rose) has come quite a long way from "slowing things down a bit" with that awkward Nothing Else Matters cover he would pull out of his arsenal at the weirdest times at venues a while back. Although not quite my style of metal I throw the horns in their direction for trying to put heavy music back in the spotlight.


After a valiant battle, Friends of Adam were the band chosen to continue their journey to Hard Rock stardom. Congrats to all the guys for putting on a killer show.