Hard Rock Cafe Battle, pt.I


04.09.10 Hard Rock Cafes all around the U.S. held a nationwide Battle of the Bands over the last few weeks. Their goal, to give local bands a chance at opening for some big names up in London. Here's the idea, at least to my best understanding. The bands would have to face each other locally, the video recording of the winner from each separate battle would be shown to a panel of judges, who then would choose the best out of those and from there it would go into an American Idol type of audience voting, then a winner would be announced.

Hosted by 105.9fm's Michelle Shockley, some of Hawaii's rising talent duked it out in a battle royale where only one band would be left standing by the end of the night.

So the first preliminary round drew an interesting set of bands. I'm not even going to pretend. I went to go tear some vocal chords in support of my buds, Friends of Adam. Got there late, missed all the other bands, but caught the tail end of a band called Elephant. Not bad. Polished sound, animated frontman, but very safe. I'm a big fan of bands that push boundaries or at least impress me musically. To my heavy metal hardened ears, they didn't quite hit me as something I'd run up and bang my head to very much.


Then of course, the F.O.A. The sound in that place I'm guessing didn't help much of the other bands any. Unless you were standing directly in front of the stage, you're eardrums probably hurt like hell from the highs and inaudible bass. But I digress, F.O.A. kicked royal behind. They flawlessly ran through their A-list of crowd favorites with an army of friends at stage front and resulted in their preliminary win.