Big Dawg


Big Dawg is one of those bands that embody everything rock n' roll is supposed to be. They came on like a hurricane ripping through favorites from Led Zeppelin & Sabbath to name a few. Wailing anthems that make us proud to throw the horns in the air.


They were a ton of fun to shoot and with little to no security I tried to weave through their faithful audience of bikers & military as unassuming as possible. By the looks of the crowd I started to assume if I so much as bumped into anyone there I'd end up with a drink & possibly a fist in my face.

But of course that wasn't the case, Big Dawg's audience was truly grateful with what they were witnessing and I was getting high fives from just about everyone who saw me rockin out a bit trying to capture the energy of the show in-camera. Unabashingly proud of the country they represent, Big Dawg puts on a hell of a rock show that would even make Ozzy proud.