Back in Black: An AC/DC tribute


01.30.10 Tribute bands are always entertaining. On one hand, you know these guys aren't the genuine article. But on the other, the guys running around in full costume on stage as well as the audience they're singing to, are so in love with this music that it brings out the true fans; the diehards willing to pay money to just imagine for a lil' while that their at the foot of rock royalty.


Back in Black laid it down. I mean, good god, they were insane. I've never been a huge AC/DC fan, but honestly who doesn't know the words to Dirty Deeds or Highway to Hell. Their music is so damn catchy I was singing along to songs I didn't even know the words too. The pinnacle of the night for me was screaming along w/ an entire audience to the sound of cannonfire, those immortal words "For Those About To Rock... WE SALUTE YOU!!!"