Bari Bari 13: Punk rock samurai


01.30.10 Bari Bari 13's live show always puts a smile on my face. Their high energy rock n' roll is infectious as all hell and this time was no exception. The Japanese rock trio started the night with a small explosion of good times opening for Big Dawg & Back in Black: AC/DC tribute @ Pipeline Cafe.


With absolutely no boundaries or fear of embarrassment, Bari Bari 13 dropped their pants mid-set in stereotypic punk rock fashion and kept goin even with the awkward stares from the rather gruff crowd. Bari Bari 13 stood their own and was even joined on stage by some random drunk guy who, noticing no security, just walked on stage and grabbed a mic. The crowd and I thought it was hilarious, I'm glad the sound guy laid down the law and kicked his drunken rear end off the stage. I wouldn't expect anything less from a good ol' punk show.