Dust for Angels: Friends of Adam album release


01.29.10 I can't express how goddamn incredible this band is. Years of blood, sweat and tears have culminated into this one incredible night. Shying away from the obvious venue, Friends of Adam held their CD release party at the small but cozy JazzMinds.


I got there late. Really late. It was painful to miss out on all the pre-show crazyness with Lovechile, an equally amazing blues group. But when I did show up and walked through those doors I was floored by the insanity that was goin on in there. The dance floor was shoulder to shoulder people, FOA's audience has always been made up of some colorful characters, they were ALL there. Onstage they were joined by a couple of crazy guest singers who I have seen around before and had no idea they could belt it out like that.


I made an attempt to go completely ninja with my camera. I took off my shoes and wandered about this squishy venue with just my socks so that I could climb up on random tables and chairs to get some shots of the crowd from above. No one seemed to notice. Except of course when they turned around and caught a 1/120sec of the semi-blinding light from my Speedlite which was perfect to play around with here.


So I finally got me a shiny new album to add to my ridiculous music collection. Photographed by the crazy talented Adam Funari, the album entitled Dust for Angels is damn amazing. Since I got to the show late I had to make up for it by blasting it all the way home. This is the first time I knew every song on an album by heart before pushing play. Nice feeling.