Hellraiser at R&B's


01.23.10 One more in the name of metal. Had a hell of a time supporting my friends Before Fire @ Sand Island R&B. One of the few if not "the ONLY quality death metal band" worth seeing in the islands.


If there are others they've been hiding under a rock somewhere. Anyway, I've said it over and over, quality metal acts are few and far between in the 808 State. When you see me go out of my way to mark my calendar a month in advance to see a band play then you probably don't suck. If I'm running around in circles with my camera, I probably like you. If I come back, I'll support ya however I can, just say HI or I won't bother.


Before Fire put on a fundraiser to help the cause of blanketing the evil over this shiny happy hipster state. With a small army of local metal acts in support they set out to forcibly brand their names into the foreheads of the unexpected masses. No that won't come off with water and you definitely won't forget who put that shoe print on your rear end by the end of the night.


I got there a bit late and caught the tail end of local fav's, Phoenix Rose do their thing. Again, people flying all over the place, other photographers blinding the sh!t out of everyone and everything on and off the stage. I just sat back and bobbed my head w/ the crowd.


Corpus Black has been gaining quite a reputation in my eyes. There's heart in this band. I've seen them before. They've been getting increasingly more technical and wait for it... they play solos! The kind that make your insides feel funny and make you go, whoa, they practice! I was very stoked to witness these guys. Unfortunately the new kids... (and I emphasis KIDS) hanging out at metal shows don't respect quality musicianship these days. Blastbeats and 3 power chords can take you only so far. But these guys were badass. Much props.

Before Fire @ Sand Island R&B

Before Fire came on and killed as expected. My neck & back hurt like hell after, also as expected. Did my best to try and capture the energy that was violently tearing at the wall of the venue in-camera. Got fed up w/ all the "competition" getting in my frickin way every time I picked up my camera. Yeah, I think I got more shots of the other photogs shoving their flashes and their asses in the musicians faces than I wanted. So I put the camera down mid set (Its not like I get paid for this) and just enjoyed the awesome power that is Before Fire. Thanks to the Nemesis Guys for putting on yet another killer show.