SK808 Roller Derby 2010


01.09.10 Some of the most insane roller derby girls from around the nation gathered once again at Pacific Roller Derby's annual SK808 Invitationals. 6 hours of derby insanity in one giant empty parking lot @ Windward Mall. One word: EPIC!!!

With the skies a bit overcast and slightly windy, the weather on the Windward side was nearly perfect for the days event. I was invited once again to bear witness to the awesome power of this extremely important event. Time after time I've been amazed at how close the sisterhood of derby bond with one another at these events.

Here, respect is earned on the pavement and the bruises are your trophy for a battle well fought. I've never seen such respect shown amongst competitors in any sport before. Even after all the brutality on the track the women of derby smile and hug one another after every jam.

Big thanks to my buddy, Katie (Collide-a-scope) for inviting me once again giving me the opportunity to try and capture the insanity of this most epic event.