Kaleidoscope pt. III


12.29.09 The last act of the night (and reason I showed in the first place) Kamuela Kahoano was about to take the stage. I've been listening to him for years, watched his songs grow into something so powerful I'm floored once those notes pass through my ears. I thought I knew what to expect during his set by now. Words can't describe the explosive energy that radiated from that room in 39Hotel. But I will try.

He started out showcasing some of his new music. I was excited as hell to see how this new audience would react to the songs I've been hearing grow over the years. As expected, he grabbed his ukulele and scared the living hell out of the audience with his hands in a complete blur, flying through notes effortlessly.


Kamuela has a knack for channeling the energy of the audience into his performance. To my surprise he invited my pal, Jason Tom and his incredible beatboxing skills back on to the stage to accompany him while Kamuela beat the life out of a djembe drum. An impromptu mix of percussion instruments that got the whole audience screaming for more.


So thats when it started, suddenly the room felt alive and suddenly everyone was on their feet. It wasn't hard to see that Kamuela was having a blast mixing it up with a room of people open to musical experimentation. He wasn't done. He invited Lapwing back on the stage to create an atmospheric backdrop to accompany the next impromptu jam session. Kamuela brought Jason Tom back up to do his thing, then brought half of his own rock band, Analog up to jam as well. Than out of complete surprise to me, he called yours truly up telling me "Put down your camera for a sec! And come up and jam." So I grabbed the djembe and tried to keep up with the already insane line-up on stage.