Kaleidoscope pt. II


12.29.09 I was told to keep an close eye and open ears on the next musician to take the stage at 39Hotel by a friend of mine while waiting for the next act. I was also told that the majority of the audience was there to see him. What came next I was certainly not prepared for. Lapwing.

The guy was a musical genius, creating beats, looping and introducing his voice to the mix. He instantly transformed the room into a ball of energy. I've never seen someone have such control of an audience before. Had the crowd in the palm of his hand.


He invited a friend on stage shortly after. He's known as Ryan Dancemachine. I've seen him everywhere, tearing up the dancefloor with feet flying without a care in the world. Together they became a musical beast rarely seen. Soon the audience rose to their feet and bounced along to every beat. As if this wasn't getting crazy enough, they grabbed my bud, Jason Tom (the human beatbox) up there with them to add to the insanity.