Before Fire: in the beginning


12.26.09 Still pretty pissed off about Warbringer canceling their Hawaii dates, I had quite a bit of angst that needed to be released. Thank the metal gods Before Fire always deliver.

With Charlie Eron (Before Fire's founding member) back for a short stint in the islands, the death metal quartet played a longer than usual set with plenty of friends and family in attendance.


Again after the very first song I was faced with that same inevitable question I always face at metal shows: join in the fun of giving myself whiplash and future back pain or take photos to immortalize this grand display of metal. I chose to do both. Running in and joining the pseudo-mosh pit, I would pick up my camera mid riff and shoot a bit, put it down, run around some more than I would attempt to keep my balance and shoot again. Way too much fun as always.


Horns way up high for Charlie and company for putting on a killer show.