Battle of the Bands Final


Last Sunday, 101.9fm hosted the final round of their Battle of the Bands. With just two bands left, both Phoenix Rose and Busekrus destroyed the rooftop at Dave & Busters.

Again, way too much fun. The diversity in the audience is always what makes these shows special. Family & friends of both bands screamed their heads off showing their allegiance to their favorite. And after sitting through months of battles the anticipation was through the roof. I was squished stage right unable to shoot from where I was at during the last battle. With all the flailing arms and hair flyin I didn't even try to squeeze in there. I did what I could without blinding people from where I was standing.

After Phoenix Rose got through with their set, the audience cleared out and then came the switchover. Busekrus fans adorned with pirate bandanas crowded the stage and I found myself stage left. The change of audience attitude was clearly apparent. It seems that all of Kailua showed up to represent their hometown heroes. An older couple standing next to me actually tapped me on the shoulder and told me, "Don't worry bout' getting in front of us, go ahead and shoot, if we get in your way just give us a tap." Such courtesy, I was unprepared for that. In between songs I occasionally squeezed under the sound system, which separated the stage from the audience, to get a wider view of the audience.

Its was a nice shoot with consistent lighting for once. I shot with the External flash bouncing it off the ceiling again. Its difficult to describe just how much energy the audience was pouring out for their bands. Busekrus even invited their ENTIRE fan base up on stage for one of their songs. Oddly enough since most of the audience was now behind Busekrus I could hover around shooting with no one in front of me. I did my best to try to capture the crazyness that ensued.

In the end Busekrus took the win by a mere 1.5 points from the judges in attendance.