Auditory Juggernauts Pt. VI


11.12.09 "GET YOUR ASSES BACK HERE!" commanded Before Fire's frontman, Lowell Gerry, to the remaining members of the audience who attempted to escape to the back of Pipeline Cafe. "I WILL FIGHT ANYONE HERE WHO WALKS AWAY!" Brutality, Before Fire embodies it.

The first time I heard Before Fire play live, I could not turn my neck for 2 days. The second time I almost destroyed my camera while running in circles with it. Children hide and babies cry at the very sound of their name. At Pipeline Cafe, they've never sounded better.

With a new line up, Before Fire is poised and ready to shove their merciless brand of Hawaii-born death metal down your throat until you feel it in your gut. The state has never seen quality heavy metal like this in years. Chiropractor, here I come.