Auditory Juggernauts Pt. II


11.12.09 As the night rolled on and my eardrums started to ring a bit, a few more bands tore up the stage. The awesome variety of sub-genres in the family of metal & rock is what makes Nemesis & Phoenix Rose Productions stand out amongst other promotional teams I've seen on the island. This show was no different. Each band took to the stage, with an equal amount of intensity and showmanship as the one that came before.

Upon Golgotha, killed it, while bouncing around in unison to their pummeling riffs.

With arms swinging and necks being pushed to their physical limit, Dawn of the Onslaught"s audience was the perfect example of how a hardcore audience can channel the energy of the music put before them and channel it back into something just as brutal as the screams coming from frontman, Damien Durazo's vocal chords.

As the night rolled on, I decided to keep things simple and start shooting primarily with the good ol' 50mm. Started building the courage to seek refuge in the mini "photo pit" which was actually just a small space between the barricade and the stage with no one in it. I got to avoid some of the flying elbows which is always good and compose a bit better than just shooting on the fly.