Auditory Juggernauts Pt. I


11.12.09 Bands who might have never been heard outside the walls of a sports bar are finally getting their chance at the spotlight. Pipeline Cafe has started to transform into a venue where local acts can experience quality sound playing on the same stage that has seen the likes of Children of Bodom, Testament & Skinlab.

Last Thursday, Pipeline Cafe hosted a night of eardrum-shattering riffs & friends sharing a mutual respect for each other's own brand of rock & metal. 9 bands, 1 night. Phoenix Rose productions put on a hell of a show. I have way too much fun having complete freedom to shoot as much as I want with no pressure except from myself.

The night surprised me with a few acts I might never have heard otherwise. The first act I caught was The Gods of HIFI. They brought some straight up rock, weaving seamlessly catchy hooks with a certain sing-alongyness that I really dug. Oddly enough when I walked into the venue I coulda sworn their music was being played on the speaker system. Nope, they were being played live. Good stuff.

Next up was Prevail. Catchy tunes, led by the extremely talented frontwoman, Janessa, with a voice that could tear a mountain in half if she wanted. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.