Caught in the Mosh


10.14.09 Last weekend Oahu got a rare musical treat as Finnish heavy metal band, Children of Bodom took the stage at Pipeline cafe. With no photo pass, I had to make the hard decision of either carrying my camera with me into the pit and risk having to smash it upside someone's head or enjoying the show like I normally do, while thrashing around like a crazy person with fists flying, no camera.

I had a plan, I would run in with my camera for the first couple of songs squish myself stage left and try to get a couple of shots then sprint to the back of the venue through the mosh pit and put my camera way. Then sprint back and join in the mosh. Luckily my girlfriend (and crazed Bodom fan) was up front and held on to my camera for a bit so I could let the music do what it does to me.

Pipeline cafe changed its lighting scheme as well as the whole stage area so it was like shooting in a backlit basement with someone flashing a strobe light in your eyes the whole time. Out of something like 200 photos, I pulled off a couple I was "okaaayy" with. Either way, its been like a week and my neck still hurts. This is the kind of stuff I live for. Running in circles in the Mosh with my brothers and sisters. Its like a baptizm by fire, or a whirlwind of bodies circling in controlled chaos to the music we love. In the end, if you're still standing with me, perhaps you helped me up or you saved me from buying a shoe I thought was lost forever, we're friends for life. Good show.