Time Travel


08.22.09 Yeah, I know. A lil' late on this one. Here's some photos from the Led Zepplica tribute show put on by my friend Brett of Big Dawg/Black Prizm at Pipeline Cafe.

It was a full house at Pipeline Cafe with good friends on and off stage. Friends of Adam opened the night to a ridiculously hyped audience anxiously awaiting to relive the 70's or just trying to imagine they were born at the time. Either way, they were happy and screaming their heads off.

And Big Dawg was welcomed with open arms and fists in the air as they brought that classic rock thunder to a grateful audience.

And then came the main event. Led Zepplica. They were quite amazing. Deep down I tried not to think of it as a "tribute" show. I imagined it as time travel to a place I'll never see. Its more fun that way.