When I grow up...


07.26.09 My lil' niece, Erin, invited me to check out the "most incredible awesome art show ever" at Grace Bible Church last Sunday. There's something about children's art work that just gets me. So much creativity in such tiny bodies. It was incredible.

I rolled out of bed on Sunday morning to find my niece standing at the foot of my bed, bouncing around like she had chocolate cake for breakfast, poised and ready in a kung-fu pose, ready to tackle me. She screamed "ARE YOU COMING TO MY ART SHOW? Huh, huh, huh, Are Ya? Are Ya? Are Ya? Pahhhhleeeeaaassee!" The first thing I thought as she woke me up on that morning was how much she sounded like me when I was running around screaming at people about the Dept's art show at Borders.

When I got there I had to step back in awe of all the energy that was up on those walls. So many of us lose site of that inner artist. We forget that as children we had fun because it just felt good. We ran in circles just to see if we'd get dizzy and made a mess because it "looked cool." It was a sense of pride to see how far we could get into the living room caked in mud without getting caught. It was fun. No other reason. There was no voice in our head telling us the things we created were ugly or that it's so immature back then. It takes years to get some of that back. I even had to go through 5 years of paid-schooling to become "Creative" again. Geez.

We could all learn a lesson from this. Its okay to get messy. Its okay to sing because we feel like it. Its all about living in the moment. Sometimes we just need to close our eyes and stick our hands in that paint and see what happens.

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