Can a horse get the blues?


07.27.09 It was a nice dusty day at Mokuleia Polo Field. The sun was blaring, the financially well-off were stumbling about in their drunken stupor and the blues were the soundtrack of the day. Just another crazy gig with the islands most riot-inducing blues band, Friends of Adam.

The sun was setting slowly over the horizon which provided perfect lighting for me to play with. To be honest I never knew Polo was played here. As the band was quick to point out, it did feel a bit odd. I had an inkling that I belonged to an entirely different social class than the majority of the folks here. It was like walking into an Abercrombie & Fitch ad. The women were dressed pristinely as if they were attending a royal ball and all the dudes there had that "Well, I can afford a horse and a BMW" look to them. Yeah, it was a tiny bit weird.

But it was fun. The audience was quite receptive to the music and provided me with a great deal of personal entertainment (some had a bit too much wine which made it hilarious) While trying to shoot I had to dodge a few dogs that were running around through the bands set, I saw one keeping Justin (drummer) company for half a song. Overall it was a really fun day of shooting, great music and awesome friends.