Rise Against

RiseAgainst_041009_0104.10.09- So after recooperating from the night before from Bad Religion, I decided to check out the band, Rise Against whom I had no idea were so popular with the kiddies. I walked in completely unaware what I was getting myself into. I thought I would have photo access this time but no such luck. So I stuck the 50mm on to the rebel xt and prepared myself to get a bit sweaty.  


Pipeline cafe was shoulder to shoulder and in some places worse. It was a frickin sauna. But I somehow managed to get myself to the bar area near the front of the stage where I decided to set up camp. Did I mention it was hot? And ridiculously crowded? Rise Against were pretty good. Not a particular fan of that style of pop/rock, but not bad. So here I was squished against the bar with the audience digging various body parts into my sides and occasionally hitting me in the head. I struggled to squeeze my right arm in between all the sweaty people, over the audience and started shooting away.



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