Punk rock lives!!!


An epic weekend of music for yours truly. I got to witness one of my personal favorites, Bad Religion play an epic set and survive to tell about it. I ran in with my camera for the first couple of songs and then just went nuts for the rest of it. Greg Graffin came on like a hurricane of intellectual punk rock authority as only he can. And I left with a going away present, I scored a pick from the band which bounced off my head and landed in my hand. Woooo!



Bari Bari 13 warmed up the stage for them with their always high energy Japanese rockabilly punk rock. I could tell it was the first time most of this old school punk audience would witness the monster that is Bari Bari 13.


Midway through their set they surprised the hell out of every one by building up the suspense of what was about to happen with a ground shaking drum beat and then bamm, they dropped their pants and played the rest of their set in speedos. If thats not punk rock I don't know what is.

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