Thats a swanky suit...

Cheese2 02.13.09 - Weird Al and Spaceball fans rejoice, Richard Cheese and his band, Lounge Against the Machine have entered the building. Well known for his lounge renditions of popular hits, he ran through everything from 2LiveCrew to the epic "Spongebob Squarepants theme song." My sides hurt after about 10 minutes into the show and found it a bit difficult to take pictures while laughing so hard.


True to the style of lounge Richard Cheese engaged the audience with his raunchy and hilarious in-your-face humor dragging people on stage, flirting with women in the audience (sometimes even in the presence of an uncomfortable boyfriend). At one point he walked into the women's bathroom mid-way through a song and claimed he was "in search for lesbians" to sing to. He continued the song from inside the bathroom and coersed 2 women to come out and kiss.

It was a difficult shoot due to half of the venue being closed off for the "lounge seating". But I still managed to finagle a few shots in with the telephoto.

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