Last Saturday I drove up to Waimanalo to witness yet another incredible event. The 1st Annual SK808 Women's Roller Derby Invitationals. It was held in this tiny lil' warehouse out in the boonies of Waimanalo. Once I rolled up on that dirt road I knew I was in for something special and seldom seen by the masses.

Derby Girls from all over the nation gathered together that day to show their support for their sisters out in the middle of the Pacific. Teams were formed randomly to further reinforce the strong bond that held them together. They played 30 min. scrimmages on a tiny track half the size of a normal regulation rink, but with the brutality equal to that of an arena event. Inside the warehouse, surrounding the rink, stood old mattresses that served as padding for the small rink. They were spray painted with skulls and other characters displaying the misfit personalities of these girls. Clearly, these women don't play with dolls.

As the Hawaii derby teams slowly regain their momentum and popularity from decades of obscurity, it was exciting to say I was there to witness its rebirth. Here are a couple of photos I took during that rare event.